Well, I suppose it's setting explanation time.

On a dark and stormy night...
Once upon a time...

The story is set in an alternate universe, 2012.Typical utopia setting, which obviously turns out to be false, as most of the countries of the world are scheming behind the other's backs, like serial rapists wooing in helpless shotas to brutally lick. Anyhow, this alternate universe has magic and all that jazz, as well as people born with special abilities and accompanying curses. The protagonist lives in one of the more corrupt countries on the planet, which owns its own penal colony where it sends any politicians and people against the regime to, as well as criminals, naturally. The story begins on this penal colony, where the protagonist is sentenced after being accused of murdering his wealthy father who mysteriously committed suicide. The penal colony, nicknamed "Dystopia" by the people of the world, is a fun-loving island, full of gangs and dangerous objects, such as guns. There are also normal civilian shops, apartments, and schools. Our humble, super bishie protagonist, Shinji Ikari, naturally having 42 waifus and the ability to engage in "piston-like" sexual intercourse, is a student who goes to one of these schools.

This is going nowhere.

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