Introductions P1

Ahem~, so it's been an entire week since this blog was created and none of you nonexistent readers probably even know what this entire project is about.It might even seem like we're just screwing around here. Ignoring all of that, I think it's about time I introduce myself.

I go by the username "Yocto Yotta", or just "Yocto" for short, and my main interests include PowerPoint, alliteration, lolis, traps, and the implied anime/manga/VNs. Despite the fact that I'm one of the writers in this group, I'm a horrible PR and maintaining this blog is something that I'm only doing until somebody else decides to step up and do it for me, and by "somebody else", I mean the only one other person in this studio. Anyhow, I suppose that should be good enough for an introduction.

We're recruiting, by the way.

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