(COMPLETED) Still Life (NaNo13)

END-OF-MONTH EDIT (Because this isn't worth another post):
Final release - http://www.mediafire.com/?qtunm0r1lco2644


Writing: Yocto and Ziferoth
Art: VerdeICe
Programming: Yocto
Music: Yocto
Sound: Yocto and Ziferoth
And a special thanks to several short notice testers that helped us fix up things for the final release yesterday!

With the month almost half over, I think it's about time we reveal our NaNoRenO entry.
Dubbed "Still Life", the storyline focuses on the ordeals suffered by two parentless children, brother and sister, as they struggle to survive on their meager sums of money after a horrific automobile crash which leaves the sister paralyzed and the brother quickly becoming indebted to the hospital.
Expect some Mio Yukko-tier art, music, graphics, and programming, as well as our try-hard attempts at generating feels.


  1. Are you guys still looking for a writer?

    1. If you're referring to our main project, then yes, we are. If you could just drop us an e-mail, we’ll get back to you soon after NaNoRenO ends. On the other hand, if you’re looking to be the writer of Still Life, NaNo ends in two days, so most of the writing is already complete; the only position we have for that is as a beta reader, if you’re interested.

    2. I would be interested to be a beta reader. That'd be pretty cool.

    3. Also, where can I find your email address?

    4. It's at the top of the page, in the sub-heading. leafletstudios@gmail.com